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"It's your love that has saved me"

I hate updating only once a month but I've been a busy man.

School's back on! I'm excited, I got a new backpack and everything :D. Even Political Science seems like it's going to be interesting. Lit 1 & 2 I'm really looking forward to. Math...well, math is math..not exactly my favorite subject....oh well. I've got to make new friends this semester because I don't really know anyone. Regina & Renee transferred at the same time I did (except I had to come back) and they were the constant people I socialized with. I wonder if Austin still visits once in a while.

As far as books and movies go, I finished Eclipse a few weeks ago. It was really good! Was it as good as New Moon? Hmm, I'm not sure. As far as the saga goes, I think this is the order from best to last:
1) New Moon (I'd give it a 9/10)
2) Eclipse (8/10)
3) Twilight (7/10)

I've yet to read Breaking Dawn, partly because I'm trying to focus more on my school work and BD is over 700 pages. Also, because Bella Swan's world is so mystifying, I'm going to miss it as soon as I turn the last page. Of course, I can always read Twilight again :). After that, I was thirsty (no pun intended) for some more teen vampire books, so I read a book called High School Bites by Liza Conrad, it was alright, very teeny-bopper but pretty funny. Currently, I've decided to reread Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl. The first time I read it was in 8th grade so I'm sure I'll have a different understanding of it now.

I just got back from the movies, I saw New Moon again. That's the 3rd time I've seen it in theaters. Obsessed? Maybe. But it was at the $3 theater in the neighborhood so I decided what the heck. I've also seen, Zombieland (2nd time, at the same cheap theater), Daybreakers (I really liked it! Cool vampire movie, and despite my mysticism with twilight, it was a nice break from Stephanie Meyer's idea of vampires, such as they sparkle in the sunlight and have reflections and lack fangs), Tooth Fairy (it was actually pretty good), Avatar (saw this opening weekend but it's been such a huge movie that I had to include it in here).

My dad's been in the hospital since friday, he was sick again, considering how bad he looked last time I've tried to stay on the positive side. I couldn't help but cry the day he went into the hospital, he didn't see of course, it was during a prayer we were saying for him during the worship rehearsal that I broke down. It was seeing him in a hospital gown, and having to pick up his car with my mom and brother, and bringing clothes back from the hospital that just made me feel bad. He's okay though, he's due back home soon, he said that they might let him come back tomorrow. I pray for the best.

Well, I have to finish up some homwork so I'll see ya later. Good night!

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