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I need to lose weight again, I've gained most of the weight back that I fought hard to lose, it kind of sucks. But today I didn't binge so it's a start, now I need to get around to working out.

The youth group meetings have been going good, myself and my helper included there were 11 of us that came. There's still 2 more teens I've got to get to come that are from our church. Oh yeah, I'm a youth leader now, my parents gave me the green-light back in October and we've been having the youth nights every 2 weeks on monday nights. It's another night of volunteer work but I enjoy it. I've thought about it and honestly, after graduation (whenever that's going to be) I want to work in church full-time, I had all these corporate career plans and goals but my dreams have changed in the past year. I'm a worship leader and I love it, I LOVE it so much, I get to sing to God, I get to lead worship, I get to use my talent for the Lord. I love Jesus and I also love music and this is the area that combines both of them and I lose myself in it. I'm literally excited for sundays to come around because that's when we worship live. As of right now I only sing (and I finally know how to harmonize! I studied for months and now I'm discovering how to harmonize in most songs, and without using a piano to lead me!) but I want to play the acoustic guitar and I also would like to learn to play the bass some day. I would love to become a professional worship pastor someday and devote myself to making music for God. I never thought I'd be involved in church in the music area. I'd also like to stay in the youth area and help reach out to teens who need God. It's funny how you make all these plans for yourself and then God calls you to something else and what's more is you want to ditch your old plans and follow God's will. I mean, thinking about it there is still something appealing about advertising and being a top executive and making great money while wearing armani suits but I love worship soooo much. Plus, I still plan to write and it would be cool if my career in the next few years was Worship Leader/Writer. I've actually been working on my novel :).

Well I'm tired, I'll see ya later, Night!

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