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"Arise and be all that you've dreamed"

Wow, 2010 is upon us, can you believe it's been a decade into the millenium already? I recieved the new year in an awesome way. There was a late-night service at church and it was amazing, God's presence was almost tangible, the ambience just felt so thick, I could hardly contain myself. There was worship, followed by a 10-minute lesson, then a special with a pianist playing/singing, followed by another 10-minute lesson, and then prayer and goals for the new year. That's when God's presence really came down, He is so glorious, so beautiful, there are not enough words to describe his majesty. It was so endearing to recieve the new year bathed in his annointing, we call and He answers. Afterward everyone went around hugging each other and then we all ate! It was a great night.

Other than that, school's been out, thank God. I recieved my very first F, I'm retaking political science in the spring because I failed that class, mostly because I didn't do anything or turn anything in. But I got a B in creative writing, yay! I loved that class. I'm never going to take all my classes online in the same semester, it was a disaster. I also failed Western Civ, for the same reason as Poli Sci. I probably would have gotten an A in Creative Writing if it hadn't been an online class. Oh well, I'll learn from this. I'm looking forward to the spring semester though, the classes I've signed up for in the spring are:

~American Literature I- This one I'm taking online, but only because it's only being offered online this semester. It shouldn't be too bad though, because I love english classes.
~American Literature II- Yes, I'm taking two Lit classes this semester, hopefully it's not too much, but this class is with one of my favorite teachers ever, so I HAD to take it. I took English Composition II and Intro to Litertaure with her, her name's Courtney Edwards, she's awesome.
~College Algrebra- My last math class ever, wish me luck!
~Intro to Political Science- I need to ace this class, I will! Political Science has never been my thing but I hope this class is interesting.

One thing about being on break is that I have time to read! I just love to get my hands on a couple of books and dive in. So, to go along with the pop culture mania surrounding it, I've been reading the twilight saga. I finished reading Twilight in November and I liked it, although I think I enjoyed the movie more, which I've seen like 10 times (I know, I was sucked in, it put its fangs right in me and I liked it!). I also watched New Moon and really liked it, I've already seen it twice in theaters and I read the book in a few weeks. As far as the books go, I loved New Moon, it was better than twilight because we get to see the werewolves and this whole other secluded yet elite side of the vampire world with the Volturi. As far as movies go, I think I liked twilight a little better. I'm now reading Eclipse and I have to admit, I am really into this. It's weird because I'm not a 14-year old girl but I really like the series for some reason. I'm only 50 pages into Eclipse but I'm trying to pick it up every chance I can, and I started Eclipse the same night I finished New Moon. I have to wait til the summer for the movie but I'm already excited :).

Christmas was pretty cool, I spent it with the family and we exchanged a few gifts. I got a pair of black leather gloves, a Broncos scarf (which I LOVE), a cd-carrier, and a chocolate bar haha. Also, as a present to myself, I bought the new Flyleaf album Memento Mori and wow, Flyleaf really knows what they're doing, it's a great album. I've been listening to it non-stop, it's really good.

Well, I'm going to bed, good night and Happy new year!


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Jan. 6th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
I love that song by Flyleaf. But, their new album is amazing and I just love so many of their songs.

I have read Twilight and am still in the middle of New Moon. I haven't picked it up in ages, but I love Jacob and I'm hoping to finally pick it up soon and read more of the werewolf story!
Jan. 6th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
I LOVE Memento Mori, it's so good!

New Moon's awesome, the movie is too, I can't wait til it comes out on video so I can see it again. That's how I was with twilight, I started it and then had to return it and months passed and I finally borrowed it from a friend and read it all, I like it but I think NM's better.
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