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I need to write more

Seriously, I do need to write more in here. I also have a really nice written journal so I feel bad discarding that one but online is nice too.

School started today, my only class was Creative Non-fiction and it was so neat to be among writers. Tomorrow I have Nature Writing, which sounds interesting, Business Communication (for my Marketing minor) and Myth, Symbol, and Allusion (Lit class). I'm also taking an Intro to Sociology class online because if I want to graduate on time I need to take an extra class this semester. So far, graduation date is set for Fall of 2013, it's scary to think about. In about 2 years I'll have a bachelor's degree and be the first in my family to have graduated from college. Ahh!! I'm done with General Ed classes. This semester, 4 out of the 5 classes are all Junior classes, I'm actually a junior and things are moving along. Jeez, this is one of four semesters I have left, it feels far but at the same time so close. It'll definitely be a dream come true and a milestone.

Speaking of dreams and milestones, one of them came true a few months ago. When I started singing on the Worship team, I knew that one day I wanted to sing at our main church which is located in California, call it a base church. Anyway, that's a big church and I knew it'd be scary but I wanted it to happen and this October it did. It was such an amazing experience and I'm thankful that God allowed me to experience that. We participated in a four-day worship event called "Hallelujah Night" (they should add an S in there since it wasn't just one night) and it was definitely a trip that has a special place in my heart. Everyone was so nice too, from the giant house we stayed in, to the other bands participating, to the youth working for God. Here's a recap:

We're going again this year! Whoo! I'm so excited. We also met this really cool guy named Brice who played the bass with us and we've kept in touch with him and become friends. The whole experience was amazing.

I need a new job, I'm still at Chick-Fil-A but I really want to quit, I'm bored and done with it.

Anyway, I'm going to go exercise!

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