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"You're better than drugs, your love is like wine"

Yesterday was Heaven Fest and it was AWESOME!!! For those who don't know what "Heaven Fest" is, it's a massive christian music, worship, and arts festival here in Colorado. Visit the website to learn more, www.heavenfest.com. Anyway, so I went with my brother and two friends and I had a blast, I was able to watch Skillet, one of my favorite bands, in concert for the first time and they were great, it was so fun seeing them live and rocking out with all other skillet fans. I also got to see one of my brother's favorite bands, Haste the day, a screamo band. Now, Skillet performed on the main stage outside, so there were tons of people on tons of space but haste the day was in "The Garage", a stage for screamo bands and it was a smaller, tighter, dark space inside. I was standing in the middle of crowd, next to some friends I ran into, waiting anxiously for the band to start playing and I imagined that we would all just start jumping and headbanging when Haste the day would start playing, like I had just done with Skillet. I was so wrong. The second the music starts the entire middle section breaks out into this gigantic, violent mosh pit. I was actually startled and pushed back by everyone in the mosh pit but the band was screaming their throats out and the crowd wasn't getting any calmer so I decided to join in. I got into the mosh pit twice, and then made my way to the front where we were all constantly shoved and pushed around from the force of the surrounding mosh pit but it was fun. I headbanged, I jumped, I swung my body and head like a crazy person, I moshed, and it was painful but I had fun. I woke up with a stiff neck and legs today from that. By the time it was over, I was literally drenched in sweat, my own and also probably from others who were going crazy around me.

After all the music, everything quieted down and all the concession stands closed for a while during the main event. We were all told to make our way to the main stage. All 12,000 of us walked towards it, where the last hints of the sun could be seen as it was setting behind the mountains. The main event was worship, a band went on stage and sounded shofars and told us what would be going on, which was letting God take over. I could already feel God's presence earlier that day, while Skillet was playing "Better than drugs", I was jumping and the lyrics hit me and I felt tears come over my eyes. It went away as they played on and changed songs but it was refreshing. I've been having a really tough couple of months slipping into old habits of sin, and every time I sinned I felt like I drifted from God, to the point where I had to rethink even staying in God's path. I've felt so far from him and feeling his presence there, for the first time in weeks, was breathtaking. Back to the main event, we all sang and prayed and I could feel God there and I just burst in tears, I asked for forgiveness and cried my eyes out. I told him how I hated that I had failed him and how I really want to make things right, and he spoke to me. I know that may sound crazy for my friends on here who aren't christian or may not even believe in my God but he did, now I'm not saying he literally appeared and we had a chat, this was in my head. I kept telling him all my worries and he kept reassuring me and I know everything's going to be okay, he'll help me but I have to meet him halfway and at least try to stay away from sin. Words can't begin to describe how incredible God is, he's just....the best. I could feel his love pouring over all of us. I actually cried three different times and even now I'm still in that moment, amazed by him. Part of me wants to shout at the top of my lungs and tell everyone "THERE REALLY IS A GOD AND HE'S CRAZY ABOUT YOU. RIGHT NOW, RIGHT WHERE YOU'RE AT IN YOUR LIFE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH BAD THERE IS, HE LOVES YOU". Anyone who reads this, please think about that, he loves you, loves you so much that he sent his only son to die for you so that you'd be able to come to him and find peace and joy. I feel so at peace when I think about him. It was definitely a night to remember, I had my share of fun and I got all my ya yas out at the screamo concert, but at the end of the day, it was all about him. It was great.

These lyrics give a good idea how it feels to have God in your life:

"Better Than Drugs"
by Skillet

Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights
Calm the ache, stop the shakes
You clear my mind
You're my escape
From this messed up place
'Cause you let me forget
You numb my pain

How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me

You're better than drugs
your love is like wine
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' to get me high
You're better than drugs
Addicted for life
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' on to get me high

Feel you when I'm restless
Feel you when I cannot cope
You're my addiction, my prescription, my antidote
You kill the poison
Ease the suffering
Calm the rage when I'm afraid
To feel again
How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me

Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights
You're the strength of my life

Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights
Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you come to get me high

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